Krista Drobac, Founder of Moving Health Home will be speaking at “Achieving Regulatory and Payment Certainty for Hospital at Home” panel at the Hospital @ Home Leadership Summit.


In December of 2022, Congress extended the hospital-at-home waiver for two years, unlocking regulatory and reimbursement certainty at the federal level. However, what’s still left on the table is finding a long-term solution and state-level regulatory barriers. We are at a pivotal time, with an opportunity to help Congress and the Administration work through these issues to expand acute home-based care beyond the pandemic experience.

  • Provide an appreciation for the policy barriers that stakeholders are grappling with in designing and implementing hospital-at-home programs at both the state and federal levels

  • Understand the direction the industry is headed in approaching the future of hospital at home, including key decision points, structure, scope, payment design, and more

  • Gain insight on how Congress and the Administration could act to ensure stakeholders have the regulatory and reimbursement certainty to continue to grow and scale hospital-at-home programs